Message on the back of a mirror

Here is Athena’s message in full:

“Happiness depends upon ourselves. Maybe it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Happiness is a direction not a destination. Thank you for existing. Be happy, be free, believe, forever young. You know my name, not my story.

You have heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through. Love is like glass, looks so lovely but it’s easy to shatter.

Love is rare, life is strange, nothing lasts and people change. Every day is special, so make the most of it, you could get a life ending illness tomorrow so make the most of every day. Life is only bad if you make it bad. If someone loves you, then they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is. Remember that life is full of ups and downs.

Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about. I want to be that girl who makes the bad days better and the one that makes you say my life has changed since I met her!

Love is not about how much you say I love you – it’s about how much you can prove it’s true. Love is like the wind, you can feel it but you can’t see it. I’m waiting to fall in love with someone I can open my heart to. Love is not about who you can see spending your future with, it’s about who you can’t see spending your life without… Life is a game for everyone but love is the prize. Only I can judge me.

Sometimes love hurts. Now I’m fighting myself. Baby I can feel your pain. Dreams are my reality. It hurts but it’s okay, I’m used to it. Don’t be quick to judge me, you only see what I choose to show you… you don’t know the truth. I just want to have fun and be happy without being judged.

This is my life, not yours, don’t worry about what I do. People gonna hate you, rate you, break you, but how strong you stand, that’s what makes you… you!

There’s no need to cry because I know you’ll be by my side.”


Kobo Writing Life + Mills&Boon + WHSmith contest

There are 24 hours remaining to enter the Romance Writing Life competition via Kobo. Just sent in my entry (as Lisa Scullard) 🙂

Check out the details here, and #RoWriLife on Twitter. Good luck! x

An amazing review for ‘One Stolen Kiss’

ETNA3GSee the latest review for ‘One Stolen Kiss’ on

An anonymous reader left this incredible comment yesterday:

on August 9, 2014

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

“Wow! More than any book I had read so far this is a story I without a doubt loved reading. I so wish I could have a man like him all to myself. I love this fun story of love everlasting. dont miss out on it. im going to search for all the books written by this author as soon as im done writting this…”
You can read earlier reviews here on Amazon UK.
…This has really encouraged me to get back to work and finish the other stories that have been simmering in my imagination. I’m so glad to have entertained at least those few strangers out there – they are most welcome! And thanks to them in turn, for sharing their appreciation at the very start of my Romance writing career.
(Product page on Amazon Kindle worldwide)
L xxx 🙂

Another Kindle freebie…

One Stolen Kiss

 Free on Kindle worldwide all weekend from today until midnight Monday 11th August 2014 (PST)

I think this will be the last free promotion I run on this stand-alone rom-com novel, as I need to get on with more projects, and didn’t plan to spend my spare time promoting!

If you don’t have ‘One Stolen Kiss’ already, then I hope you enjoy it – and if you do, I promise that there are more novels to come in future.

L xxx



Researching images for my next story, I came across these beautiful photographs of Wyoming on a site called Morgue File. They look almost unreal.

Thank goodness for photography and for the internet – I think about how small and insignificant my knowledge would be, relying only on the words of others for what they have seen. I suppose as a creative writer weaving fictional tales, part of the job is to do justice to the wonders of the world that only a privileged few have seen and recorded for the rest of us to enjoy.


Writing playlists…

Do you need music while you write? I don’t – but I have to say it certainly helps.

Over the weekend I experimented with different tunes from my MP3 player. Girls Aloud, Britney Spears and Sophie Ellis-Bextor came out on top as some of the most appropriate. The only thing that bothers me is that the songs are so short! I do need a whole album’s worth of songs that will keep me writing all day, if I’m going to depend on a playlist for motivation.

Classical helps – Holst’s ‘Planets Suite’ is a good example for my writing mood in general. It’s not specific enough for my genre though.

Here’s one I came across in my MP3 player and had completely forgotten about – it’s called ‘Everything’ and was so appropriate I wrote 5000 words in one day… 🙂