Coffee and creativity – Photo: Lisa Scullard

Well – what seems like a very short month ago, I started this blog, while querying a major Romance publisher for a story of mine that I was quite excited by. And only two weeks ago, I had a request from them for the full manuscript.

So I’ve been frantically rushing through my latest revisions in the last fortnight, and emailed it off to them on Halloween.

Fingers crossed now that they like it… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Submitting…

    • Thank you! And good luck with yours – I understand you are releasing it soon?

      I guessed from your blog that you are also local to Hampshire too, is that correct? 🙂

      Best wishes, L

      • Hi Lauren,

        It should be finished soon and be available end December/early January.

        I’m just going through the final edit, and may have to think of a different title (as suggested by the Editor).

        I’m very close to Hampshire actually, and not far from Berkshire!

        It feels fantastic to be around so many like minded and talented people. 🙂

        Arran xxx

  1. Very small world, Arran! I’m in the New Forest 🙂 There are a lot of fantastic writers in the south. I’ve been fortunate to have met several here, so it’s a good community atmosphere.

    I did like your title – it ‘does what it says on the tin’ – those sort of titles are more likely to come up in customer searches and suggestions for subject matter, so I gather. More obscure titles are harder for potential readers to pin down in the currently overloaded market!

    Best of luck, L x

  2. Thanks Lauren,

    At the moment my primary focus is on getting this book to market. After that’s finished I’m hoping to make links with other authors in the surrounding area. It was good to get a group together so we can help each other out, pass ideas and inspiration..

    Love the New Forest, did some writing in Lyndhurst 🙂


    • If you get the opportunity to make it down, try Penny Legg’s Writing Buddies face-to-face meeting group, monthly in Southampton –

      An excellent networking and technical troubleshooting group for writers, both published and self-published, with a wide range of skills and experience – from absolute beginners to old hands.

      Lyndhurst is not far from me… I have a soft spot for checking out the Ferrari/Maserati etc showroom 🙂

      L x

      • Thank you so much!!!! I will look up the meeting group.

        I know just the spot you’re talking about, close to the Post Office and Butchers……some great coffee shops there too!

        It is a small world 🙂

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