On the subject of names…

I’m already wondering if having a pen-name would help. And how it would fit the category of Romance I am attempting to write?

For example, if I was writing something really racy, maybe I should have just a first initial. If I wanted to have more than one, I’d have to pick one, as I don’t have a middle name. So maybe something like L.Q. Boutain would sound alluring and mysterious.

Or if I was writing in the more lighthearted, flirty end of romance, they’d expect a less exotic last name. ‘Boutain’ is supposedly old Anglo-Saxon for ‘button’ referring to a maker of buttons. So maybe for that kind of story, a publisher would like to see the name Lauren Button on a book cover.

It sounds a little like the actress Lauren Hutton, from the movie ‘American Gigolo’ – she is stunning – and we’re back to the steamier end of the entertainment shelves again! đŸ™‚

american-gigolo-1980-03-gLauren Hutton and Richard Gere in American Gigolo (1980)


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