Word count…

A day and a half into my latest title, and I’ve written 2478 words.

Is that good or bad? If I manage 2000 words a day, potentially I’ll have finished in a month. That’s my ideal discipline.

I keep smiling to myself as I write. Not because I’m trying to be funny, or on some special medication – I like my characters and the situation I’ve put them in. I’m wondering how they will deal with it as the story unfolds.


On the subject of names…

I’m already wondering if having a pen-name would help. And how it would fit the category of Romance I am attempting to write?

For example, if I was writing something really racy, maybe I should have just a first initial. If I wanted to have more than one, I’d have to pick one, as I don’t have a middle name. So maybe something like L.Q. Boutain would sound alluring and mysterious.

Or if I was writing in the more lighthearted, flirty end of romance, they’d expect a less exotic last name. ‘Boutain’ is supposedly old Anglo-Saxon for ‘button’ referring to a maker of buttons. So maybe for that kind of story, a publisher would like to see the name Lauren Button on a book cover.

It sounds a little like the actress Lauren Hutton, from the movie ‘American Gigolo’ – she is stunning – and we’re back to the steamier end of the entertainment shelves again! 🙂

american-gigolo-1980-03-gLauren Hutton and Richard Gere in American Gigolo (1980)

Well hello…

Welcome to my page for Romance.

I’m hoping to learn a few things during my writing journey, so at times you may find me wildly self-contradicting or embarrassingly introspective. I want to write Romances that feel genuine and have a ring of truth about them, even if they appear in magical or outrageously glamorous settings. Which means I have a lot to learn.

Mainly I will be stopping by here to dissect my thoughts along the way. Talking to myself in a small, controlled and confined space away from my actual writing, so as not to tar my Art with my Self 🙂